What You Need To Do

This section covers the most important things you need to do to prepare for disasters in Japan.

Prepare Your Emergency Bag in Japan

Learn how to prepare a “go-bag”, with information specific to Japan.


Emergency Stockpiling: Preparing Your Home in Japan for Disasters

Prepare the right food, equipment, and materials at home.


8 Free, Multi-Lingual Apps That Could Save Your Life in Japan

Recommended smartphone apps to help you prepare and respond to natural disasters and other emergencies in Japan.



Pet Preparedness: Making a Disaster Plan for your Pets

Ever thought about what would happen to your pet in a disaster?


Training Opportunities & Disaster Drills

From CPR to disaster preparedness workshops: here are some opportunities to learn more.



Securing Furniture & Making Your Home Safe (Coming soon)
30-50% of earthquake-related injuries are caused by falling furniture.

Making an Emergency Plan For Your Household (Coming soon)
Get a comprehensive plan together