What You Need To Know

This section covers the essentials about disaster preparedness in Japan.

Do I really need to be prepared for disasters in Japan?

…Yes. Here’s why.



Multi-Lingual Resources for Disasters and Emergencies in Japan

Useful phone numbers, links, and information for if you get caught up in a disaster or emergency in Japan.


What’s the difference between Magnitude and the Japanese “Seismic Intensity” (shindo) scale?

Like with many other things, Japan likes to be a little different when it comes to measuring earthquakes…


Tokyo: Know Your Risks

According to the government, there’s a 70% chance of a major earthquake directly hitting Tokyo in the next 30 years…


6 Things NOT To Do After An Earthquake

Some of these might come as a surprise…


Where is your nearest evacuation centre? (Coming Soon)

Japanese terms and useful phrases related to disasters and other emergencies (Coming soon)