This section covers the most important things you need to do to prepare for disasters in Japan:

Prepare Your Emergency Bag in Japan

Learn how to prepare a “go-bag”, with information specific to Japan.


Emergency Stockpiling: Preparing Your Home in Japan for Disasters

Prepare the right food, equipment, and materials at home.


8 Free, Multi-Lingual Apps That Could Save Your Life in Japan

Recommended smartphone apps to help you prepare and respond to natural disasters and other emergencies in Japan.



Pet Preparedness: Making a Disaster Plan for your Pets

Ever thought about what would happen to your pet in a disaster?


Training Opportunities & Disaster Drills

From CPR to disaster preparedness workshops: here are some opportunities to learn more.



Securing Furniture & Making Your Home Safe (Coming soon)
30-50% of earthquake-related injuries are caused by falling furniture.

Making an Emergency Plan For Your Household (Coming soon)
Get a comprehensive plan together